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About Shattered World

Established in August 1990, Shattered World has become one of the most innovative interactive gaming platforms on the internet. Several of its chief initial developers are still actively involved, and literally dozens of other enthusiastic coders have contributed over the years.

Most of the MUDs on the internet bear striking similarities to each other, because they share a large amount of code. Shattered Worlds, by contrast, has over a decade of dedicated development behind it, and offers a rich, unique gaming experience.

This mud has a complex, detailed and sprawling world. It is very challenging. It's tough at the bottom as a newbie because this mud has unique and complicated game play; established players won't just roll over and give up their turf. Its also tough at the top for the Lords of the land, recently a prominent lord was found guilty, by a player judge, of embezzling funds from his guild and stripped of all his assets and citizenship. But if you take the time and effort to learn the mud and 'get into' the intricacies you'll find it unique and engrossing.

There are many ways to 'play'; it's not a kill fest, we strongly encourage role players and encourage a responsible community. But it's also a tough simulation; so the traditional 'warrior' adventurer will find plenty to fulfill them. You'll encounter 8 races, 11 guilds, 27 quests, a player based legal system, a true market economy and roles like you've never seen before. Tough adventuring, harsh conditions, big fantasy world, friends and foes - take the time to know Shattered World and you'll be richly rewarded!


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