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    Arachean History

"They will come." said the prophet in a voice that had an air of finality.

"They will swing from the trees, they will rise from the grass!" shouted the old man. "And" he said, his voice dropping to an awed whisper "they will rise from under the toilet seat!".

This last was greeted with an incredulous silence. "How do you know?" ventured one young man, a look of open disbelief on his face.

"Doubter!" screamed the old man. "It is by the acts of people like you that the wizards lose faith in the people of this world!". Gasping for breath he continued "And know this. The Great Dredd has made it known to me that the Wizard Spyder is no longer content to rule over a species of unintelligent animals!" Upon hearing this the youth looked truly taken aback and lapsed once more into silence.

"Indeed!" boomed the old man. "He has taken the sum total of his power and made great changes to the favorite of his subjects. Let it be known that there is a new race abroad, springing from the power of Spyder and the bodies of once normal spiders. Know that there is now a race in his own image!".

"And know also" cried the old man "that he will not be satisfied with the lands alotted to him by the gods! Dredd himself expects treachery and rebellion from Spyder and his children! So, my people let us not be caught unprepared."

The roar that answered the old man was a testament to his skill as an orator, and it gladdened his heart to know his people would be ready when the time came.

"Hmmmmm" pondered Spyder, as he closed the magical portal through which he had been witnessing the address. "So they know, and they believe." An expression crossed his face that would stop the hearts of lesser creatures, but was his interpretation of a smile. "Good" he snickered "I hope they are ready".

Several months later the old man's fears had indeed come to be realities. As he looked over the plain below he shivered in fear. There must be thousands of them he thought, slowly advancing on the thin line of human defenders was the shining black mass that was the army of the Aracheans. Their creator standing in their midst, wearing his power like a cloak, his very presence adding power to his creations. Soon the advancing mass was close enough for the old man to be able to make out individual shapes, and the sight horrified him. The individuals were around four feet tall, walking bipedal with their six arms holding various weapons and the light reflecting eerily from their many eyes.

As the mass was about to engulf the line of humans there was a flash of light at the front of the advancing line, which shuddered to a halt. Sometime after when his eyes had recovered enough he saw a dark rent in the fabric of reality, floating above the plain. Through the rent stepped a tall figure robed in white. The figure looked around, taking in the situation and then raised one hand and gestured.

There was a popping sound and suddenly the awesome presence of the wizard Spyder stood before him. "Gandalf!" cried Spyder in surprise. "Very clever" replied the other, "very clever. But could you possibly have hoped to keep both Dredd and myself away with your little trick?" "This is not possible" stammered Spyder, edging away from the god. "Possible indeed" returned Gandalf. "And now take a hike" he said, waving his arm. This movement was accompanied by another popping sound as the Wizard Spyder disappeared.

At this point the humans begun to cheer, realising at last that they would not die today. Gandalf raised a hand and there was silence. Turning to the Arachean army he gathered his power about him, seeming to grow to the point where it was not possible to see the sky above him. "Children of Spyder" he boomed in a voice that shook the earth. "Your master has greatly displeased us this day." At this the Aracheans were dismayed and many fell to the ground wailing.

"But," said Gandalf "we cannot blame a race for the megalomania of it's creator." Hearing this the many eyes of the Arachean army were raised in hope to the God. "I hereby sever your ties to your creator and make you a free people." boomed the voice of the god. "So go now and live your lives people of Arachea and displease us never again." With this last there was another flash of light and the space where the god had stood was oncer more empty. The Arachean army milled about, unable to believe their luck. The humans just gazed in wonder as the horde slowly dispersed throughout the realm.

And so was born the race of the Aracheans.

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