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    Draconian History

Aeons ago a race of dragons appeared that metamorphosed into humanoid form at desire. These were highly enchanted beings and existed only amongst the most magical creatures. They adored great treasures and collected great hordes to surround themselves in magic and wealth.

One fateful day a Draconian wandered amongst enchanted woods gazed upon a majestic but strange Unicorn, with a horn black as the darkest night, watching its reflection in a brooke. She took on human form as a beautiful maiden and approached the fabled creature. As she came nearer it charged, pierced her with its horn and plunged it to her heart.

It was then that the vision of a diabolical beast appeared instead of the creature she adored. It spoke to her revealing her salvation. If she were to bear and deliver his child to him she he would not extinguish her. At first she refused, her blood ebbed and spilled into the brooke staining it with streams of crimson. All the while the twin imagery of a beast and unicorn plunging its horn deeper within her breast haunted her thoughts, numbed her senses that had perished to the anguish of the pain. She reverted to her beastly form. Filled with rage burst forth a searing flame from within her outward burning any tree or brush in its path to a charred shadow of itself.

The image plunged deeper and deeper now tempting her heart to burst whilst blood ebbed to the brooke and a crimson mixture washed over her.

She relinquished and offered the beast its desire and a time later a clutch of five silver Draconian eggs glistened amongst the treasures in her lair. It was then that she was overcome by the image of the beast that had taunted her when she conceived. It came so swiftly and vanished leaving the dreaded maternal emptiness of a sibling lost to the sea. It is known that these ancient metamorphing dragons were lost to time and not seen since by those to tell. However, soon later the word Draconian was known as a race emerged from primeval, and populated amongst the goodly beings of the land.

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