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    Galandrian History

Many aeons ago, in a desert valley far, far away, there lived a race of nomads who called themselves Galandrians. They were a happy, ignorant bunch of folk, until the fateful day when out of the sky, a meteor struck near one of their temporary camps.

It wasn't a particularly big meteor, and neither was it particularly spectacular in appeance (although is was a rather pleasing shade of blue), but it was particularly radioactive. The happy nomads weren't to know this, though, and so when the rock had cooled, they climbed all over it, thus exposing themselves to high doses of radiation.

After a while they got a bit sick of climbing all over a rock that had fallen from the sky, and so they went back to their camp, and moved on to look for something else interesting (which is, I might add, bloody unlikely in a desert).

As the years wore on it was noticed that the newborn children were rather different from those that were born before the tribe had visited the rock. For one thing, their skin was a pale purple colour, and quite tough, as opposed to their ancestor's light blue and baby smooth skin (unlikely for a desert-dwelling people, I know, but, hey, that's life). The children also had clawlike extensions instead of fingernails.

As these unusual children grew up, they also discovered that they had a unique ability to share feelings and thoughts with animals, and were thus excellent animal herders. The people of this nomad tribe realized when they were onto a good thing, and many of them set off, leaving the desert that had been their people's home for thousands of years, and into the big wide world of high finance, inflation, and really interesting side-show acts in markets.

After a few generations of performing animal shows, everyone got a bit sick of dancing giraffes, talking donkeys and chickens that could add. So, the Galandrians packed up and set off in search of a new life. Over the years, the people settled down and formed villages of their own, and gradually spread out over the land. These scattered communities kept in touch, though, as it had been found that the mental powers which allowed them to link with animals could also be used to communicate with fellow Galandrians, even over great distances.

As the years progressed, telepathy replaced speach as the normal way to communicate with one another. Since thought communication is very laid back, the Galandrian people also became a very laid back people as a whole.

Well, since the halcyon days of animal acts, the Galandrians have grown from strength to strength. While some Galandrians feel the need to go out in search of adventure, many are content to just hang out and relax at home. Galandrians adventurers face a major problem, though, since wearing armour interferes with their mental powers. This is a consequence of their days of wandering the deserts, where it was just too hot to wear anything heavier than cotton and light skins. The changes they underwent after being exposed to the meteor were thus bred through the population without armour being a factor, and so the link between light clothing and the powers became entrenched. It is rumoured that some Galandrians have developed telekinetic defenses to counteract this disadvantage.

Today, the Galandrians enjoy a peacable existance and are oftimes seen wandering the Shattered Worlds in search of nothing more than good vibes. Remember, to be a Galandrian is to be at one with yourself and your environment.

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